My Foray Into The Blogosphere

I recently quipped on Twitter that “everybody want blog but a nuh everybody a blogger”, so me sitting here setting up this blog and typing my first post is slightly amusing. I subtweeted myself unwittingly, but that’s okay as we often end up doing things we never thought we would.

This is to say that I only very recently started to harbour thoughts of blogging. While I’ve been writing since I was a very small child, I was not exactly keen on sharing my musings for public consumption – largely due to the fact that my writing is very personal and would therefore take along with it all my vulnerabilities.

I’ve published in the past on more than one occasion and in different places but that hasn’t tempered the queasiness I feel about sharing my thoughts on a fairly consistent basis to strangers. In a nutshell, this is a challenge for me but I plan to stick it out and eventually build the courage to seriously consider publishing my literary works.

You can expect a lot of personal discourse and social commentary in this space as I navigate my world through social-justice-tinted lens.

Come mek wi hol’ a reason!

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